Flying High X










            Motor: 96" S&S Super Stock, Fuel Tank: Iron Mike Cycles, Oil Tank: Iron Mike Cycles,  Transmission: RevTec 5 Speed, Trees: Red Neck 3 deg, Frame: Red Neck & Iron Mike Cycles 5 up 4 out 1 1/4 tubes 40 deg rake,  Dash: Dakota Digital, Electrical: Iron Mike Cycles, Exhaust: Iron Mike Cycles, Electronics: Accel Tunable, Paint: Iron Mike Cycles, Rear Tire: 250/40x18 Avon Venom.    


  Fuel Tank Setup







    I started with a stock King Sporster tank, I stretched the tank 16",and moved the petcock back 8". The backbone of the tank was removed. I then cut out 3" of the tank and replaced the back bone with a longer and deeper one. :). I cut out the fuel cap and replaced it with a aircraft bung, pressure test then  Installed a  flush mount cap.

















  Sheet metal





































Text Box: The customer did not like the idea of no seat springs. so I went to work making a nice set of adjustable seat springs








 On The Ground