Iron MIke Cycles



Michael Capito Jr


Antonio Capito

Text Box: Antonio (Bones)
Employment 8 years he's our  service manager and when we cant find our office professional he works at our parts counter. he has a great left hook and performs the forbidden choke hold on Mad Mike often.








Text Box: Busted! playing games during company time









Text Box:  Mad Mike 
Has been employed for 8 years and has recently been demoted from our customer relations department to the warehouse, he's been taking an anger management class at night. and is showing some improvement.



















Text Box: Michelle  (Cat Woman )
Employment 14 years She is our Office Professional. she can talk on the phone and text 300 words per minute! all of this while she Chats on line! We are lucky to have her on board! she works closely with the warehouse and parts departments with double choke holds and the threat of scratching there eyes out. She gets the job done.